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This is where you can find info regarding the groups posted over the last several weeks.

Unreached People Groups

Featured below are groups which have been previously featured on the front page for prayer. Please consider adopting one of these UPG’s for prayer.


The Canela is another Indigenous People Group of Brazil. They are a population of approximately 2,700 people with a unique language also known as “Canela”. They are currently Engaged but remain Unreached while less than 2% of their population remains evangelized. 


The Atikum are an Indigenous People Group only found in Brazil. They are a Portuguese speaking people, hosting a population of approximately 5,900. The Atikum currently remain Unreached with the Gospel and have minimal evangelical engagement.


The Bororo are an Indigenous People Group located in western Brazil. They host a population of approximately 2,000 and speak their own language, also known as Bororo. The Bororo remain currently Unreached with the Gospel and are lacking Evangelical Engagement.


The Xakriaba are an indigenous people group located in Brazil. They host a population of 9,200, and are a Portuguese speaking people. The Xakriaba are currently Unreached with the Gospel and are lacking evangelical engagement.


The Matis are another small people group with a population of approximately 425. They are an indigenous group in Brazil residing in the Amazon and have a language also known as “Matis”. They are the second group engaged by “Stand Out Ministries” headed by “Jungle Jen”.


The Jagaru people, located in Peru, have a primary language also known as “Jagaru”. They represent another relatively small people group with a population of approximately 2,000. The Jagaru remain currently unreached, with no known evangelical engagement for the Gospel.


The Kokama are an indigenous people group to the Amazon of Brazil. They primarily speak Portuguese and host a population of approximately 9,600. They are currently engaged with the Gospel through “Stand Out Ministries”, and a project of “Jungle Jen.”


The Iquito of Peru are a population of approximately 400 the Iquito are among the smallest groups in Latin America. Although technically engaged, they remain historically Unreached with the Gospel.


The Baniwa of Venezuela. They maintain a population of approximately 2,400, and a primary language also known as Baniwa. Although there has been evangelical engagement, they remain as of yet Unreached with the Gospel.

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