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Unreached People Groups

Featured below are groups which have been previously featured on the front page for prayer. Please consider adopting one of these UPG’s for prayer.


Although the Cora are not Indiginous to the United States, they do maintain a small population of approximately 600, located in Colorado. The Cora also retain a primary language, known as El Nayar Cora. This people group is currently Unengaged, as well as Unreached.


The Onandaga are an Indiginous People Group in North America. Located in New York, they have a population of approximately 1,300. Although they are English speakers, their Inidigenous language remains intact, also known as Onondaga. At this time, the Onondaga are Unreached, as well as Unengaged with the Gospel.


The Tanana are an Indigenous People Group only found in the United States, located within the interior of Alaska. The Tanana have a smaller population, numbering approximately 375 people, with a primary language of English. The Tanana are at this time Unengaged, and remain Unreached.


The Pomo are a people group Inidiginous to Northern California. Although a small people group of approximately 11,500, they have achieved world renown for the expertise in basket making. Originally hosting 7 different languages throughout their tribes, now only 3 remain, with approximately less than 10 people being fluent in each. Their primary language is English. At this time the Pomo are Unengaged, as well as Unreached.


The Lakota are an Indigenous People Group of North America and Canada. The Lakota which are located in the United States have a population of approximately 13,500. Although they have a distinct language also known as Lakota, only approximately 2,000 of their members are fluent in their language. The Lakota are Engaged with the Gospel yet remain Unreached (less than 2% evangelical).


The Mura are one of the largest groups found in our UPG listings numbering approximately 15,500. The Mura are located only in Brazil and have a primary language of Portugues. Although they have been Engaged with the Gospel they remain Unreached as of this time.


The Karuazu are another people group located exclusively in Brazil. With a population of approximately 1,300 and a primary language Portuguese, the Karuazu people remain not only Unreached but Unengaged at this time.


The Kalapalo are a people group exclusive to Brazil. They number approximately 550 in population and have a primary language known as Kuikúro-Kalapálo. Although a small group they remain yet Unreached as well as Unengaged.


The Javaé are another People Group found exclusively in Brazil. They have a primary language known as Karajá and a population numbering approximately 1,300. The Javaé are Unreached as well as Unengaged at this time.


The Palenquero are a people group only located in Colombia, although they are not Indiginous. Numbering approximately 3,500 people, with Spanish as their primary language, they remain Engaged, but unfortunately Unreached with the Gospel at this time.


The Marubo people are located in Brazil. They have their own primary language known as Marubo, and host a population of approximately 1,900. Although they are currently Engaged they remain yet Unreached, with less than 2% of their population being evangelized.


The Kaixana host a small population of approximately 500 people. The Kaixana are only located in Brazil, and are a Portuguse speaking people group. At this time the Kaixana remain not only Unreached but Unengaged as well.


The Huichol are a Spanish speaking people located primarily in Mexico. Numbering over 70,000 people in Mexico and another 9,800 spread across other countries in Latin America/Caribbean ) they remain one of the largest Unreached and Unengaged people groups in Latin America.


Although related to the Guarani, the Kamayura are an Indigenous people group found only in Brazil. Numbering approximately 325, with a primary language also known as Kamayura, they are one of the smaller people groups that currently remain Unreached, despite current Engagement efforts.


The Hupdah are a small people group, spread across both Brazil and Colombia, with a total population of approximately 2,200. They have a primary language known as Hupde. The Hupdah remain as of yet Unengaged as well as Unreached (less the 2% evangelized and no current evangelical/Gospel engagement).


The Sanapana are an Engaged People Group located in Paraguay that remains yet Unreached with the Gospel. With a primary language known as Sanapana, a population of approximately 1,900, they are a prime candidate for prayer and the completion of being Evangelized!


The Fulnio are an Unreached People Group located in Brazil. They have a primary language also known as “Fulnio”, and have a population of approximately 4,800. Despite being Engaged they remain as of yet Unreached, with less than 2% of their population being evangelized with the Gospel.


The Lengua are an Indigenous People Group found in both Paraguay and Argentina. They have a primary language known as Enxet and a small Argentinian population of approximately 1,400. They remain currently Unreached as well as Unengaged with the Gospel.


The Yanacona are a fascinating people group located in Brazil, that descends from the ancient Incas. A Spanish speaking people, with a population of approximately 38,500. They remain yet Unreached, as well as Unengaged


The Tupinamba is an IndigenousPortuguese speaking people of Brazil, with a population of approximately 4,700. The Tupinamba is currently Unreached, as well as Unengaged with the Gospel.


The Canela is another Indigenous People Group of Brazil. They are a population of approximately 2,700 people with a unique language also known as “Canela”. They are currently Engaged but remain Unreached while less than 2% of their population remains evangelized. 


The Atikum are an Indigenous People Group only found in Brazil. They are a Portuguese speaking people, hosting a population of approximately 5,900. The Atikum currently remain Unreached with the Gospel and have minimal evangelical engagement.


The Bororo are an Indigenous People Group located in western Brazil. They host a population of approximately 2,000 and speak their own language, also known as Bororo. The Bororo remain currently Unreached with the Gospel and are lacking Evangelical Engagement.


The Xakriaba are an indigenous people group located in Brazil. They host a population of 9,200, and are a Portuguese speaking people. The Xakriaba are currently Unreached with the Gospel and are lacking evangelical engagement.


The Matis are another small people group with a population of approximately 425. They are an indigenous group in Brazil residing in the Amazon and have a language also known as “Matis”. They are the second group engaged by “Stand Out Ministries” headed by “Jungle Jen”.


The Jagaru people, located in Peru, have a primary language also known as “Jagaru”. They represent another relatively small people group with a population of approximately 2,000. The Jagaru remain currently unreached, with no known evangelical engagement for the Gospel.


The Kokama are an indigenous people group to the Amazon of Brazil. They primarily speak Portuguese and host a population of approximately 9,600. They are currently engaged with the Gospel through “Stand Out Ministries”, and a project of “Jungle Jen.”


The Iquito of Peru are a population of approximately 400 the Iquito are among the smallest groups in Latin America. Although technically engaged, they remain historically Unreached with the Gospel.


The Baniwa of Venezuela. They maintain a population of approximately 2,400, and a primary language also known as Baniwa. Although there has been evangelical engagement, they remain as of yet Unreached with the Gospel.

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